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Can Schools Be Opened After Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid 19) Is Given.

Can Schools Be Opened After Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid 19) Is Given.

Whether schools can be opened after the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Vaccine is given is a question that must be answered. Of course, this answer depends on the authorities to be able to open a school. The authorities are the school institution and the parents of the students concerned with the approval of the local government. Thus, if school institutions can open schools with the approval of the government, they will continue to carry out the health regulations and protocols that have been carried out as usual.

The Coronavirus (Covid 19) vaccine must be given immediately so that schools can be opened to be able to conduct education directly. However, it must be emphasized that the opening of schools must obtain approval from the local government. Everything is done because Covid 19 is still there and until now there is no clinical cure for it. But the most exciting thing is that there is a Coronavirus vaccine which can cope with creating antibodies in our bodies.

Currently the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Vaccine has been distributed and spread in various regions of the country. And the country has received several types of vaccines, including the Sinovac vaccine and the Astrazeneca vaccine which have been distributed in various countries. So currently in various countries have conducted and vaccinated all citizens in a country. One thing that is being done is for all education personnel who must be vaccinated immediately. With the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Vaccine being carried out, direct education can be opened with the approval of the school committee and local government.

After the school can be opened with the approval of the school committee and local government. So face-to-face learning can be done. However, the health protocol is carried out as usual, namely wearing face masks, washing hands, staying away from close interactions and crowds. With the opening of the school, we must always be aware of the spread and latest developments of the Covid 19 Virus.
We must still know about the development and spread of the Covid 19 virus so that we can anticipate and deal with it.

We must anticipate the development and spread of the Covid 19 virus and overcome it in several ways or systems to conduct face-to-face education directly. There are several alternatives and systems to be able to do face-to-face education in person. So that the development of the Covid 19 virus can be identified and its development can be overcome.

Here are some alternative systems or ways to do face-to-face education during the Covid 19 virus response as input ideas:

1. Schools can be opened with health protocols.

Schools can be opened with health protocols, that is, buses can be opened while still prioritizing health protocols. Prioritize health protocols by providing the necessary equipment. Some of the equipment and facilities that must be provided and fulfilled are a place to wash hands, provide health masks, and maintain distance or reduce social meeting interactions. Reducing social gatherings in large crowds.

2. The school is opened by means of shifts.

Schools opened by means of shifts are the opening of schools face-to-face but still paying attention to room capacity. Room capacity is determined by the ratio of the number of students in the room who take face-to-face education. The amount of this capacity is also determined by the ratio of the area of ​​the education room. The number of students with a ratio of room areas should be a maximum of 30-50 percent of students. This is just an input. To be able to reach all students to 100 percent, it must be done alternately or in shifts.

3. The school is opened regularly.

The school is opened regularly, is it is opened regularly with a schedule that has been made. This is done flexibly because by keeping track of the development of the Covid 19 virus. Monitoring is carried out every day so that we can always detect cases of infection against students or education personnel.

All of the above must always remain the main concern and consideration, for alternative input ideas so that face-to-face education can still be carried out.

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