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Areale Counseling & Wellness, LLC

New York, NY


Areale Counseling & Wellness is a depth oriented psychotherapy and wellness practice located in Midtown Manhattan, NY opposite the Empire State Building. We offer a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals and couples to explore personal issues, recognize problematic patterns, and formulate new options and solutions to improve their mental wellbeing and quality of life. We predominantly work with professionals, couples, artists and graduate students to reach their potential and create a life filled with self-acceptance, self-worth and happiness. Depending on our patient’s individual needs, learning style and goals, we may use culturally appropriate, evidence-based modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, LGBTQI affirmative therapy and depth psychology. We are a close, collaborative team and offer professional development opportunities, a supportive working environment, rich learning experiences, and prioritize work-life balance and self-care.



We are looking for mental health therapists to join our Practice who are passionate about partnering with people to achieve their psychotherapeutic and wellness goals along the path towards individuation. As well as being a professional with strong values and a passion for helping people, you will work well within a team, be self-motivated to continuously develop professionally, display great empathy for people, place importance on working in a highly inclusive, non-judgmental environment, and be looking to immerse yourself in a long-term permanent position.



Using a comprehensive needs assessment, identify the best approach and treatment program to address a patient’s unique needs and goals. This includes determining the most comfortable and appropriate setting – in person, phone or video.
Utilize evidenced-based and emotion-focused therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapies, acceptance and affirmative therapy, personal authorship, along with Psychodynamic, Jungian depth Psychotherapy, and Archetypal Psychotherapy treatment, holistic, and grounded in the ethos of self-care and Liberation Psychology.
Provide couples therapy, individual psychotherapy, premarital counseling, LGBTQ affirmative psychotherapy and group psychotherapy.
Coaching and guiding patients through depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, life changing events, confidence issues and assisting them cope through life’s difficult issues.
Maintaining a detailed report of the patient’s progression.
Scheduling, maintaining, and following up routine appointments with patients based on their needs.
Empower the LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies.
Provide a free 15 minute consultation before on-boarding patients.



Sound clinical judgment and clinical reasoning skills.
Superior time management and organizational skills and be able to confidently handle your case load.
Strong interpersonal skills; self-awareness and those around you.
Ability to sense and connect with others through emotions, feelings, and life experiences.
Knowledge of group behavior and dynamics.
Excellent communication, including but not limited to speak/orally, written, and listening skills.
Ability to guide, direct and/or influence a person or group of people.
Ability to build relationships with a diverse range of people with diverse life experiences.
Ability to build rapport quickly with patients.
Detail oriented.
Ability to communicate with compassion and empathy.




Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or related field, from an accredited University.
Maintaining state required professional licensures, including but not limited to LMFT, LICSW, LMSW, MSW or LPCC.
Minimum of 1 year of direct clinical and mental health counseling experience with individuals and couples struggling with various life, emotional challenges.


Pre-existing referral pathways for consistent patient load, bookings, and income stability.
In-house marketing team to provide hands on support in building your profile within the practice.
Opportunity to regularly participate in marketing activities including social media, newsletter, video and podcast series, plus assistance with writing website biography, Psychology Today and LinkedIn profile.
Administrative support.
Supportive and inclusive work culture with a strong team approach, matching our patients with the therapist that is the best fit for their unique challenges.
Professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of our team.
Opportunities to provide group therapy programs.
Beautifully appointed and comfortable practice rooms in the heart of Manhattan, plus flexibility to provide phone/video therapy from home.
Access to an experienced and well-established team of clinicians with a wide range of experience.
Full-time or part time positions available with flexible working hours.
A diverse client group, providing you with opportunities for professional growth.
Competitive remuneration.


To apply please email your Resume and Cover Letter addressing the selection criteria to

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