500, East Overland Avenue, El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, 79901, United States

Minimum Qualifications
Acceptable Experience and Education
Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or related field from an accredited university or college with at least four (4) years’ work experience in casework, family law or directly related experience; with two (2) years of supervisory or managerial experience.

Or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Certificates and Licenses Required
Must have or obtain by date of hire a valid driver’s license applicable to job responsibilities, with a driving record acceptable to the County of El Paso.

Typical Duties
Essential Duties
Responsible for the effectiveness of daily functions; plans and coordinates the screening operation of the section: distributes the workload in methods to expedite and meet deadlines;

As directed supervises department employees, including assigning and reviewing work, training, performance evaluations, and making recommendations on hiring, terminating, and disciplining personnel;

Motivates and works with employees to correct deficiencies;

Assists with managing the career development and performance of staff assigned;

Meets with management staff to identify and resolve problems;

Assigns projects and programmatic areas of responsibility; and reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures;

Performs routine clerical and administrative accounting functions that require application of basic standard bookkeeping and accounting theories, principles and techniques, and require the appropriate skill levels including basic skill levels in computer, analytical and communication skills;

Implements policy and procedures;

Reviews and approves applications submitted for services provided; such as enforcement of child support/medical support, issuance of withholding orders, reduction and termination of child support;

Reviews and approves withholding orders prepared by office; opens child support cases in county and Texas Attorney General Systems;

Ensures and monitors probation officers and paralegals calendar for future court hearings;

Addresses complaints related to probation department; responds to Judges questions in reference to Probation policies and procedures;

Enforces delinquent orders using phone calls, mail, and other administrative remedies; refers cases to appropriate department if unable to return case to paying status or negotiate a payout agreement;

Identifies and locates probationers in non-compliance to achieve compliance;

Serves as back up:
Oversees and manages caseload; ensures reports are accurate and complete due to time constraints;

Interviews and instructs probationers on reporting requirements; opens and maintains probationer files; monitors, identifies and locates persons not complying with orders for child support or access and possession; assesses probationers; meets with probationers; completes reports;

Completes court ordered terms of probation after enforcement has been ordered; collects and monitors payments and fees; brings cases back into paying status using phone calls, mail and all administrative remedies available;

Researches and analyzes pay and other records and uses administrative remedies in an effort to bring non-custodial parents into compliance with court orders; conducts settlement negotiations with parents to obtain agreed settlements;

Provides customer service to the general public and staff concerning child support enforcement, fee questions, State Disbursement Unit and Attorney General inquiries, court order interpretations and other general information; provides information on the telephone, meets with walk-in customers and appointments, opens and responds to mail and fax inquiries, and provides pay records to customers and other appropriate parties;

Creates and maintains case records and documents activities pertaining to persons on probation under compliance orders; maintains accurate and timely movement of documentation pertaining to compliance with orders; collects and maintains statistics for reports;

Conducts settlement conferences with parties; attempts to obtain settlement agreements with involved parties in order to avoid litigation; informs respondents of possible consequences of litigation;

Monitors all orders and initiates enforcement proceedings automatically if child support order goes delinquent; pulls and prepares case files and other applicable files for assessment; reviews files for court activity and order history; reviews and participates in court orders for enforceability;

Performs audits on accounts to determine child support arrears; updates data bases with correct data; monitors collection letters for responses within allowable time frames; refers non-responsive parents to attorneys for litigation; processes requests for case closure, including performing final audit, mailing notices to each parent, and securing emancipation from schools;

Attends court hearings; provides court testimony; makes recommendations for court action necessary to achieve compliance;

Participates in efforts to provide community education and information regarding parent-child issues; prepares parties for mediation;

Performs complex financial transactions based on higher level security within the Office of the Attorney General Computer system;

Serves as an advocate for children and persons affected by non-compliance with orders of child support and/or access and possession;

Participates in mediation and/or agreements between non-custodial and custodial parents;

Commits self to providing excellent customer service and demonstrate commitment through cooperative team and individual efforts; and

Creates a high quality work culture through participation in and emphasis on training and mentoring to develop leadership, management, and technical skills in self and all employees, including safety related training and skills.

Other Important Duties*
Performs such other related duties as may be assigned.

As members of the County of El Paso Emergency Response System, all El Paso County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers during a proclaimed emergency and may be required to train on emergency response and/or perform certain emergency services at the direction of their supervisor.

Job Summary
Summary of Position
The DRO Probation Officer Supervisor under general supervision monitors compliance with court orders for child support and access to and possession of children. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for the Integrated Child Support System (ICSS) and provides backup to the ICSS Manager. This designation is distinguished from the Probation Officer classification by greater work complexity and a broader range of work activities. As a senior member makes decisions and is responsible for assisting with scheduling and overseeing the daily operations of the division.

Additional Information
Organizational Relationships
Reports to: Manager.

Directs: Support Staff.

Other: Has frequent contact with other county employees, law enforcement personnel, defendants, witnesses, defendant’s families, other public agencies, schools and the general publics.

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