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5 ways to overcome boredom at work

Overcoming boredom in work.
Routines at work will be a source of boredom if we can’t overcome them. Saturation also reduces performance and productivity at work, therefore we must overcome it to increase productivity at work.

Here’s how to deal with boredom and boredom at work:

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  • Praying or meditation will reduce the feeling of boredom, by meditating will get a fresher mind so that we can solve everything better.
    Installing aromatic perfume, with a refreshing workspace perfume will be more fresh in the room atmosphere so that it will refresh the mind to work.
  • Making work priorities on a schedule will make it easier to manage in completing the work so that it fits on time.
  • Do not procrastinate work which causes the work to be piled up and multiply so that we will find it difficult to manage for job completion.
  • Create an agenda to manage time to complete work, do not make work pile up in front of the work desk or by sticking to a computer, laptop. It is better if the agenda is written in our agenda book or our cellphone, so that after our work we delete it on the cellphone.
  • Smiling, smiling will make us more relaxed with work and fresh by smiling others will also be fresher, so that it will increase our performance at work.

By doing the things mentioned above, it will create performance and productivity in completing work will increase.

Hopefully this can help improve work productivity performance