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Salary Meaning and Salary Details

Salary meaning and salary details is the basic salary plus a certain amount of money with details of several other allowances, which must be paid to workers as their rights. Job owners, whether companies or individuals, are obliged to pay salaries according to a certain time and period, in accordance with the agreement and contract between the worker and the job owner.

The amount to be paid is in accordance with the initial agreement between both parties. The agreement stated in the employment contract includes the basic salary and several other benefits. Usually in certain periods there are bonuses and other incentives according to work performance.

Therefore, job owners or companies that employ individuals must also understand and know about this. In this way, you can prepare and plan expenditures for paying employees’ salaries. So that it produces good Cash Flow and according to plan with the existing budget.

Here’s what you need to know about salaries. Salaries are a means of assessing performance and sustainability for workers. A salary of a certain amount that is in accordance with the workers’ wishes will increase the company’s performance and productivity. However, salaries that are not in accordance with workers’ wishes will worsen the company’s performance and productivity.

However, salary is not the only thing that is important to improve company performance and productivity. A good atmosphere and culture between workers also influences comfort and mutual respect between workers as well. Apart from supporting growth and career development, it will also increase company productivity.

Salaries increase company productivity and employee performance.

But salary is a very important thing to pay attention to to improve employee performance for the sustainability of the company. The following are several things that must be considered if the salary is not in accordance with the employee’s wishes:

  • Low work morale.

    Low morale will worsen worker productivity, due to lack of welfare. So they lack enthusiasm and high creativity in their work and don’t give their best.

  • Frequent change of workers or employees.

    Frequent changes of workers or employees will also worsen productivity in the company. Because every worker has to start from the beginning to know and learn from the beginning the job for new workers. And there are always new adjustments, so the company cannot run as it should.

  • The company is not growing.

    With low salaries and low employee welfare, the company is also not developing as well as we expect. Because a developed company is always in parallel with the salaries and welfare of its workers or employees.

To be able to increase productivity in the company in accordance with the desired wishes, welfare and salaries are in accordance with the abilities and skills of workers
must be considered.

Salary Details

Therefore, below we need to know several regulations regarding salary amounts and we need to know the details.

Details of Direct Salary are salaries paid on a regular and regular basis including;

  • Basic salary, basic salary is the standard salary based on grade or level or length of time worked or seniority.
  • Allowances, these benefits include several things, namely; husband or wife allowance, food allowance, travel allowance, health allowance, etc. in accordance with company needs and policies.

Indirect Salary Details are salaries paid over certain periodic periods including;

  • Pension funds for retired employees, which are funded by employees through the company.
  • Bonuses for certain payments according to company achievements.
  • Insurance protection with a certain amount if an accident occurs at work or a family member experiences a disaster.

Apart from that, there are also several additional benefits according to company policy, including;

  • Transportation or travel allowance to work.
  • Meal allowance, this is given to employees and/or families.
  • Performance bonuses, given for work achievements based on a certain person.
  • Company bonuses, given based on company profits and profits.

These are some things about the details and benefits of salaries, so you need to know if you want to increase company productivity and the performance of workers or employees.  knowledge.

Salary Type

Apart from the above, we also need to know about the terms and types of salary based on experience, total period salary or initial salary, which include;

Current Salary

Current Salary is the salary paid when you first actively work, based on the first time you work at a particular company. This is a salary amount based on previous work as a reference for future work or employment for the worker or company.

This current salary includes the basic salary, allowances and bonus incentives that have been agreed in the employment contract.

Expected Salary

Expected Salary is the salary that must be paid and offered based on when you apply for a job or the company offers you and must have qualifications and work experience.

The amount of salary is based on work experience, education level, skills and job responsibilities. In this case, bargaining or negotiation takes place between prospective workers and the company according to their abilities and mutual agreement.

With this negotiation process, mutual understanding will be achieved, so that in this case it will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Annual Salary

Annual Salary is a salary that must be paid in a certain amount for one year. The salary amount calculated for one year is used to apply for jobs using the Annual Salary model.

Annual Salary can usually also be used as a standard salary expected for workers, for the work they desire.

Annual Salary can also be used as a standard for loan applications and the number of installments made by workers if they have a loan through banking.

Annual Salary can also be used as a standard for calculating income tax that must be paid to the government according to applicable laws.

Prorate Salary

Prorate Salary is a salary calculated based on the length of time a worker starts working or is employed according to the existing level or position and level. Prorate Salary is useful as a payment reference if an employee or worker is no longer employed.
If they are no longer working, workers must be paid based on the best calculation according to the salary that must be paid within a fixed period, namely paid monthly.

Offering Salary

Offering Salary is the salary paid as the initial salary from the time the worker is accepted to work by the company or individual who employs him. The salary amount is based on calculations and negotiations to produce an agreement stated in the employment letter.

The amount of the Offering Salary is calculated based on education level, work experience, skills/expertise, responsibility and work location area.

Offering Salary is based on an agreement and negotiation with the employee and the employer, namely the company or individual, which is adjusted to the financial capabilities of the company or employer.

Hopefully this can help as knowledge. So that workers and companies or individuals who employ them can understand and apply each other.

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