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Work at Maximum Capacity.

Each individual person has the capacity or ability he has, but each individual person always wants to have a certain capacity by developing and wants to add capacity in work. In this case we will discuss about how to work with the correct capacity within so as not to harm others. So that we will be happy and happy if we do it in work in each of these capacities.

With a lack of capacity, it does not aim to make you carry out your duties and develop your abilities fearfully but so that you have a big responsibility. In this case you have to be serious about it so that there is capacity building later.

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We have to know the difference between feelings of lack of work capacity or greed at work. The main difference between feeling less and greedy lies in the origin, the lack of feeling comes from a lack of responsibility, while greed comes from a lack of results. A sense of lack comes from less responsibility, but greed comes from a lack of rights.

The line between feelings of deficiency and greed is very thin. Too much greed stands out more than the amount of work we have to do. Therefore, we must be more sensitive to feel that there is a lack of mechanism so that we can work with full responsibility.

In general, people who work below capacity will have an unsatisfactory income. However, people who earn well are not necessarily working according to their capacity. It could be that he has a chance to get a higher yield but does not perform to his capacity. Unfortunately, he will feel satisfied with what is obtained so that he does not try to get more.

Therefore do not be quick to be satisfied with the good results we have received. Try to work within your capacity

Written by Beny Santosa, S.T,