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2 The ways of the successful leader do not work alone.

A marketing manager. He just got scolded by his boss for not working according to the set time. As someone who wants to work alone, he can’t finish his job because he doesn’t understand how to work as a team. As a leader, he must understand when time must be completed by himself or done collectively by delegating to his subordinates.

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We must act as professional leaders who can delegate work to others, so that others develop accordingly, which in the end can develop as desired. Professional leaders are not working alone but the ability to delegate and entrust work to others.

1. Are leaders working alone or not?

The perfectionist leader who makes everything perfect. Because of that he will always demand that his colleagues or subordinates cooperate like him. Even though the intelligence and capabilities of each person are different, in the end it is the difficulties that will be experienced. Because in essence it is impossible for someone to finish the job by themselves.

If there is a leader who works alone, he must not blame others. If a leader does not work alone but entrusts it to his colleagues or subordinates, then a leader must do so, so that the leader is more focused on his main job.

For a leader who applies work alone for reasons of efficiency. But it must be remembered that there must be a regeneration for the next. So that if one day there are certain obstacles or obstacles, someone will replace it, so that the work will continue.

Working alone can have a positive meaning, if the worker or employee shows loyalty and carries the company’s good name. He felt that he was only a means by which the company could enlarge. However, it must always be remembered that the progress of the company is not solely due to itself.

So if later there are teammates who seem to be working alone, just leave it alone. We’ll study and see how it works. Thus if one day our colleagues cannot finish it, we are ready and able to do it.

2. Take control of working alone.

If we feel that we are working on our own we must introspect, so that if we feel right, we must change and improve it. However, we can also measure each job so that we can distinguish which one must be done alone because it requires our skills, or work that can be done together. And or the work delegated to one person, do not demand too high a job. Never equate the abilities of others with ourselves, a matter of time to solve it.

That way we are not too stressed because of too high demands on our colleagues or our staff. To be more efficient, we must know exactly the ability and speed of our work or our staff. So that when we entrust a task to him we are sure that the task can be completed on time.

The most important thing that we must understand that everyone has the potential and ability. That capacity will only develop if we continue to be trained to do many things. So we have to give someone the opportunity to develop their potential and capacity. And remember we will not succeed without the help of others.

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Hopefully this is useful and always successful.

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