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4 Alternative Ways Schools Are Opened For Direct Learning

4 Alternative Ways Schools Are Opened For Direct Learning

When Schools Are Opened For Direct Learning is a question that is asked by many people who expect direct learning to be held and carried out immediately. Because it has been quite a while since the Covid 19 pandemic has been held for learning to be held remotely. So that there is a change in the way of direct face-to-face learning into distance learning with internet technology and networks.

With this incident, quite a lot throughout the country closed schools for direct learning activities. The problem that arises is that many students are less able to do this, namely distance learning. The problem is because each student does not have this technology or may have difficulty understanding any learning that is carried out remotely.

This is very understandable with these problems. However, all of us also must be wise in responding to every problem. The closure of all schools throughout the country due to control or to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus. During this period, students learn by distance. So during that time, governments in all countries competed to immediately find a vaccine for Covid 19.

Now a vaccine for Covid 19 has been found and produced, so that each and every country has started vaccinating it. Vaccination distribution has been carried out by all countries throughout their governmental areas. Vaccination should be carried out starting from the personnel for health services who have become too overbearing. Because health services are at the forefront of the response to Covid 19. This is followed by government service personnel and then education personnel. This should be done in stages like this.

And after the Covid 19 vaccine was carried out in all levels of society and in all countries, it remains to be remembered that this is only a countermeasure. Because we must know that the Covid 19 virus is still there and must be paid attention to by continuing to carry out health protocols. Health protocols are still carried out, namely: wearing masks, washing hands and staying away from crowds.

All matters of the problem and solution have been known, then the question and the answer needed is that there are 4 Alternative Ways for Schools to be Opened for Direct Learning ?. With the answer, the following alternatives are as input:

1. Schools can be opened in the green zone.

Schools that can be opened in the green zone are schools located in the green zone. What is meant by the green zone is that there are no positive cases of Covid 19 virus infection. There is no Covid 19 infection for 2 consecutive weeks for one month. With no event or occurrence of infection in the zone, direct learning can be carried out. Direct learning continues to apply health protocols. And the number of student attendance in the room is limited to a maximum of 50 percent.

2. Schools can be opened with conditions.

Schools can be opened provided there are requirements regarding facilities to carry out health protocols. Schools must provide a place to wash their hands in a strategic place that is easily accessible to students. Apart from this, it is ensured that all education personnel must have vaccinated. And still have to pay attention to the number of attendance or capacity in the room a maximum of 50 percent.

3. Schools can be opened with a shift system.

Seoklah can be opened with the shift system by doing shift learning with a maximum student attendance rate of 50 percent. The shift system is carried out to reduce the number of meeting hours directly. So that with the shift system in addition to the amount of time being reduced, all students can do and get direct learning. However, the number of meeting hours was reduced to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

4. The school can be opened regularly.

Schools can be opened regularly means that schools can be opened periodically, while still paying attention to developments in the incidence or incidence of infection. All of these alternative things can be done periodically but are flexible because they still see the development of events or incidents of virus infection.

Those are some of the alternative ways schools are opened for direct learning. Let this be only as input and alternative ideas for direct learning to be opened. So that schools do not experience permanent closure. And this is a solution idea for the learning process for students.

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