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4 How to start working happily.

Work is a gift from God, and everyone basically has a desire to work, but sometimes someone experiences a mismatch or not according to the desires of the desired job. Such people are never satisfied with whatever their work is. Whatever the circumstances of the current work we live and do with full responsibility.

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So do the work that God has given you, done with full responsibility. To work responsibly you must do it with pleasure, do this work for God and serve others. This is the key so that your work brings happiness and pleasure.

Here are 4 ways how to start working happily :

1. Realize that every day that God gives.

We must realize that every day God has given us, so that we are always grateful for the time and day God has given. Give a moment to pray and worship which brings us into a refreshing soul and mind that carries a spirit that is always renewed for every day. So that we get the strength that is always new and fresh to do each of our work.

2. Realize that work is given by God.

Each of us must also realize that any work today is a gift from God, and must always be grateful for the work we have received at this time. Because of the work that has been given to us, we will do whatever work we can do with full responsibility as serving and loving others.

3. Do not always see work as measured by money.

The work we have received and got should not always be measured by the money we will get. Because if work is always measured by money it will affect the work we do, so it will affect our responsibilities and performance in doing work. Always give thanks for the income we receive from our work today, because in essence, whatever income we get, we are never satisfied.

4. Don’t forget to eat breakfast.

In doing every job and starting the work every day that we will do, don’t forget to eat breakfast. At work, we need thought, energy to work and energy, by doing breakfast, we will get new energy and energy so that work becomes smooth. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, in the midst of busyness to start work, even in the middle of work time before recess we become hungry so that it will affect the hours and times we do work.

Those are 4 ways we can do it so that we can start any work with joy as a manifestation and be grateful for the current work that we receive.

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So that we can do it responsibly and serve our neighbors.
Hopefully this is useful, and have a happy work.

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