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5 Job opportunities during the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused very significant changes in life, namely the termination of employment in certain areas of work due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, and also changing patterns of daily life or patterns of working habits.

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Certain areas of work that are affected are production businesses that can involve large numbers of people and work to produce physical production, because work must reduce the number of workers in a room, so that a reduction of employees is imposed or the imposition of part-time work by means of shifts. Of course this will reduce the amount of production and sales, thereby reducing production income.

Apart from the aforementioned work that can be affected due to the COVID 19 pandemic, is the tourism service business, why is this influential, namely because of restrictions on human interaction that are limited to visiting locations or tourist destination areas. Likewise, it affects other tourist services, namely transportation and lodging.

The following are some job opportunities for the Covid 19 era:

1. Design Services.

Design services can be done at home, we just need to put up your profile or design services on the website by providing the work or portfolio that you have done. Lots of websites out there to join as design services in it. We can work as a freelancer or full time. In accordance with the agreement between the employer and you. There are many fields of design services, namely website design services, product design services, architectural design services and others.

2. Delivery Services.

Delivery services can also be done, because currently it is to reduce going out of the house and limit interactions with humans. You can do this delivery service for buying and selling online through the website application, there are lots of website applications that provide delivery services for buying and selling. For example, delivery for buying and selling of daily necessities, and food needs. In addition, there is also a delivery service for goods that must be sent to other people.

3. Online courses or education services.

You can also do online course or education services, if you have expertise in a certain field you can offer online lessons. Offer expertise in your field by providing learning and training, you can offer it through the website by providing learning services by providing telephone numbers, email addresses and other links that can be contacted to conduct online course learning processes.

4. Financial services through networks.

Financial services through a network can also be done, for example financial services for insurance can be done by building an online network. Building online networking services, you can start by joining communities of friends through social media. You can offer your insurance financial services through these social media networks. By building a network and you as a network leader, this is your goal in building a network so that you will earn income because of your network.

5. Article writing services for blogs

There are lots of blogs out there with articles in various fields, because now online article sources can be found in various types of fields according to today’s human needs, various information is there so this will be an opportunity for you as an article writer in the field that you know. Offer through a website writing service provider. There are lots of websites out there for you to join and offer your writing services.

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Those were the various alternative job opportunities that you can do to increase your economic income. Because in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic we have to be strong and survive to overcome this at this time. Hope this is useful and happy work.

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