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5 ways to work during COVID 19.

The global pandemic, the deadly COVID 19 virus, started in China in December 2019. The spread of the COVID 19 virus is very fast, namely through the air and by sufferers, so it is very easy to spread. Because it spreads through the air and splashes the patient’s fluids, direct interaction with humans needs to be limited. Limit direct interaction to slow it down and prevent it from spreading.

By limiting direct interactions between people, to prevent the spread of this deadly COVID 19, several countries have implemented total lockdowns. By carrying out a lockdown it will be more effective to reduce human interaction so that it will slow down and prevent its spread. However, because this lockdown will also have an impact on the decline or cessation of the entire economy in various sectors and fields of work.

Therefore, for the economy to continue and avoid a drastic economic downturn, jobs in all sectors of the economy and jobs must be done. So working during the COVID 19 period must continue, however, you must remember and pay attention to the impact of the spread of COVID 19 of course. So that we have to start a new way and culture of work, and we must continue to pay attention because the COVID 19 virus will never go away.

Here are 5 ways to work during COVID 19. so that these are the new ones to work:

1. Work Online (in a network)

Working online (in a network) is a very effective thing that requires meetings and interactions with fellow workers or the work community in a company or educational institution which therefore requires a lot of interaction between people. So online meetings are a very good thing to do. So that all jobs and educational institutions can and will continue to run as they should.

2. Limiting the number of workers capacity in a room.

Limiting the capacity of workers in one room can reduce the number of interactions with fellow workers so that it will suppress and reduce the spread of COVID! 9 viruses. To limit the amount of work capacity in a room, it can be done by working in a certain way, which is done by taking turns working and working in a room.

3. Install the interface divider or facepiece.

Installing an interface barrier or face cover, to prevent splashing of fluids between fellow workers for workplace interactions. The use of the interface screen uses a transparent screen so that we can interact and meet face to face continuously. So that prevention and reduction of the spread of the COVID 19 virus can still be done.

4. Wear a face mask.

Wearing a mask can also be done if we need interaction with fellow workers or the outdoor work community. This can also be done to prevent the spread of COVID 19 between humans due to the splashing of fluids from mouth to mouth.

5. Wash your hands with soap, or hand sanitizer.

Washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer is a good step after we have handled something that we have been holding on to. Due to splashes or viruses that stick to objects that people have handled, or after we have handled them. This is what must be considered to prevent transmission when our hands are dirty and our hands are not aware of it holding our face.

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These five things are new habits in our work, so that we can work and complete our work well. Let us continue to work for our economy and look after our fellow workers. Happy working.