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6 Words to Avoid in Your Career Work.

6 Words to Avoid in Your Career Work.

In every job we are always faced with a communication between colleagues or relations in completing work. The use of the right words will show quality and professionalism in communication will lead to a more advanced career. In addition to the right words and good language skills, it will bring a better job and will lead to an increased career.

That way, to improve relationships with fellow colleagues, we must try to use the right words so that we will have better relationships with fellow colleagues and do not reduce professionalism at work. Therefore it will bring an increase in your work career.

The following are words to avoid in your job, so avoiding them will lead to an increased job career:

1. Later.

Said Later, this you must avoid it. Because this saying is not quite right to use even though you may be busy or busy with other work being done. These words impress and tell your co-workers that you like to delay work, or maybe think other work is more priority to do. Whereas all other work must have the same priority to do. If you are conditioned in this way you should say: “Well I will do it immediately, with a time you will determine.”

2. Honestly.

Saying the Honest, you should not say this often. Because if you often say these words, then the people who come into contact with you or your fellow co-workers will give the impression or judgment that you are used to being dishonest. Honest speech implies something that is not true or should not be done or done. If you are put in this situation you should be able to say, “It should be done that way with regard to your job”

3. Only.

Saying Only, is something that you are accustomed to saying because these words have a lot to do with the words of something. So that you do not realize it because it is used at the right time and place and appropriate.
For words only you should always be aware of each use, so as to avoid it in your work. This mere saying also seems that you don’t want to do anything else or something new. If you are confronted, you should just say it right away, not just accompany it. For example, if you say “I will do this”, it will have a different meaning if you say “I am only doing this.”

4. Sorry.

Sayings of Sorry, are words that are very easy to say when we have experienced mistakes that have been done to other people or our co-workers. But actually, apologies are very disturbing in our minds when other people or our co-workers make mistakes. It is best if you avoid these words in your work when you have done something wrong to other people or your co-workers. Because even these words are displeasing and distracting to those with whom you come into contact. If you are faced with a situation like this you should say, “Today I can not do another day I can”, rather than say “Sorry today I can not”, but do not provide a solution for the solution.

5. Hopefully.

These words of Hope should be avoided as they will not give you the certainty you just want to make yourself comfortable with. Sayings of hope are a tool for safe hiding and cannot provide assurance to other people or your co-workers. With the words hopefully as if to try to avoid a job. Do all work with a certainty, and want to follow through on all the work you will be doing. An example of this saying is: “Hopefully I can do it right today.” you’d better say: “I’ll do it right today, and I’ll follow up on it.”

6. Pause that doesn’t work.

Pause Words that don’t work are words that are said often but you don’t realize it. These words do not work at all, even so they will detract from the professionalism or credibility of your work. You should reduce it or even realize it not to do it. The pause word that doesn’t work is: “em, ah,”. Practice speaking by avoiding pauses that don’t work.

Those are some of the words that you should avoid in communicating with other people or your co-workers. By avoiding this bad arrangement, you will have a strong character and professionalism credibility in your work and career. So that thus make your career increase.

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Happy work and always success.

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