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7 Ways To Increase Productivity While Working From Home

How to Increase Productivity When Working From Home, must be known and done to complete the work so that it produces good and maximum results. Currently the season for working from home has been implemented in various regions of the country. Working from home is done to control and suppress the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Today we are faced with this new habit, which is working from home. With this new habit, it certainly has an impact on the problems we face. These problems are, for example, a lack of social interaction, so that we sometimes feel alone. Other problems include work productivity due to reduced peer meetings. However, it has been replaced by technology that must be adequate, namely by means of a virtual way through the internet network. So that we have to spend a budget for adequate technology with the use of the internet.

Another problem you have to be able to organize or manage between work and activities at home. How should we deal with children with parenting mixed with office work. So this we must be able to do wisely, whether there is special care or child care. All the problems mentioned above can reduce work productivity. So you have to overcome this by knowing how to increase productivity when working from home.

7 Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home are:

1. Create Your Fake Journey.

Make it seem as though you can work in the office like the routine above with this new habit. You can go on a fake trip, for example, by walking as a morning exercise. Take this trip around your home area, then you can take a morning shower. It is as if you are working in your office and your home as the office.

2. Create flexible working hours.

Make your working hours flexible to like working in an office. You have to manage these working hours to be flexible because of dealing with people around you. The people around you are your children, your husband / wife, or maybe your parents. Make a flexible schedule with your husband or wife about the division of time to be able to do work. Things here are, for example, how to take care of your children by taking turns with your husband or wife. Or should the children be cared for by your parents, or perhaps by child care.

3. Creating a comfortable workspace.

You have to create a special workspace in your home, create a comfortable workspace that is not easily distracted by other spaces for children. The aim of creating a comfortable workspace and specifically aims for you and your work to be more concentrated. Prepare a work table with a comfortable chair to work. Maybe you can add a potted plant in the corner of the room to add beauty and comfort. As much as possible, find a workspace in your home that can get sunlight or a view of your home garden to add to your comfort at work. Do not have too many items in your workspace other than desks and chairs and computers, this can also add to your sense of comfort.

4. Limit Family Interaction to the Schedule.

When working from home you should create a set schedule to limit interactions with other family members. Make a schedule, although it is flexible, but it must be set or determined with blocks that should not distract you. With this you can convey to other family members. So that other family members can understand about your work which should not be disturbed. That way they can understand so that it can be done alternately for other family members, for example, parents and husband or wife.

5. Love Yourself.

Love yourself for productivity working from home, you have to love yourself. Love yourself by doing fun things after work. You can do with food that is delicious but healthy for your body. Arrange to eat together with other family members. Besides that, you can also do appreciation and recreation after you do your job. Always take care of your health with medical tests if necessary and avoid feeling bored / stressed.

6. Communicate with your co-workers.

Communicate with your co-workers, so you are not lonely in doing work from home. By communicating virtually to do the work of your fellow colleagues. This is done virtually with video over internet technology to create social interaction by working remotely. Remote social interaction can be done by sharing photos of the activity and then you can comment. With this you are already doing social interaction at a distance. Things can also be added by creating a group with your fellow co-workers.

7. Always check and update your Technology.

You should always check and update your technology, so you don’t get distracted by remote work. Always check your technology for no or obstacles when having long distance social interactions. For example, there are no obstacles or obstacles in holding virtual meetings / conferences, video communication and others. Check data or cables and other technological devices so that you don’t experience obstacles or communication problems working remotely.

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Those are some ways you can increase productivity when working from home. Happy working from home with high productivity. So that you are always successful and always prosperous.

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