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How to Have a Successful Job Interview.

A job interview is a prelude to a job for a career in a company and hopes for success in a career. Therefore, knowledge and preparation for job interviews need to be known. Before a job interview, of course, preparation in appearance with neat clothes also needs to be considered, it will add self-worth in an interview.

Here are some knowledge that you need to know and pay attention to during a job interview, so that you will find a successful career in the company. What you need to know and pay attention to during a job interview are as follows:

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Knowledge of the company, learn and know the company besides of course the address.

Find the company’s knowledge about the type of business, the types of products sold, as well as how it works and the cultural ethos at work. Knowledge You can search for information via the internet, if possible can talk and ask questions with employees with the company. So knowing about this will help when there are some questions about the company in the interview.

Using products produced from the company concerned,

So that using the company’s products will have a personal experience that you can share. Thus you will have more value than other candidates who do not use the product. Another benefit is that you will be more ready to work if you are accepted, which will then be placed in several divisions related to product marketing and quality.

Avoid answering a question with a short answer, such as yes or no.

Instead, you need to answer with an explanation and what needs to be explained in detail with what is needed. If you have deficiencies or knowledge in competencies, then state the general deficiencies, for example, lack of public speaking. However, don’t stop there. Share the things that you have done and are doing to overcome them. Also, make sure that these deficiencies are not something that hinders the core competencies of the position you are aiming for because if so if you are certain you are not worthy.

Provide a detailed but concise and clear explanation by providing facts or opinions.

By mastering the facts and opinions professionally to a certain size and degree will really help to give the impression that you are competent in your field. Make sure you really master it, because if you have further questions you will know it, and keep it brief but clear. However, this needs to be considered carefully if not being able to answer the questions at your disposal will interfere with your competence with other candidates.

Ask smart questions.

Although not always the interviewer gives the time and opportunity to ask questions. Don’t ask questions that are unethical or trivial, such as working hours. Show this opportunity you are very interested and concerned with the company concerned. It also shows that you have made thorough preparations so that it details the company being addressed.

Hopefully this is useful for everyone and thank you for reading it, which of course there are still many shortcomings.

We wish you success with your work
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