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How To Make A Successful Career By Making The Boss Happy.

The way to a successful career by making the boss happy is a way for you to do for the success and development of your career. Because this is very important for your own knowledge and progress as you wish for your career development. With the development of your work progress and career development, your quality of life will also increase. Then you must do this for a successful career in your work.

Some people around you or your coworkers may not know this. So sometimes there is a job competition that is not good. That is maybe knocking each other down or hitting right and left unhealthy. So sometimes even though they may not excel in doing everything because they use all kinds of unhealthy means. However, they get a job promotion for doing unhealthy competition.

Healthy competition is how to do work with maximum results so that it is called achievement. So that competition must be based on achievement, this is what is called healthy competition. For this, we must know this by having good performance, it will make the boss happy. So that we will do the way to a successful career so that the boss will be happy.
Here’s how to have a successful career by making your boss happy:

1. Create new ideas.

Creating ideas that are completely new and never existed. Convey new ideas or ideas that never existed at all. With this is a creative idea or idea that will make work effective and produce maximum work. You can convey this during a meeting together, so that your other co-workers will know it too. This will create a positive value for you, rather than not conveying any ideas or ideas to solve every problem.

With the boss will use your ideas or ideas, then your co-workers will give a positive value because these ideas have been conveyed in a joint meeting. This is an achievement value for you if these ideas provide maximum results in completing the work.

2. Give praise to the boss.

Always convey thanks and praise to the boss for every advice and direction you should take from the boss. Tell this that you are an attention to any advice given by the boss. So this is why you should ask for direction or advice from the boss before doing anything. However, do not overdo it, because it should not let the boss judge that you are not independent.
So you must be wise in asking any advice from the boss. You should do it first, and when there are difficulties or problems you can convey to ask for advice from the boss.

3. Do the work everything before the deadline.

Do all the work before the deadline. You can convey the results of the work you did before the deadline to the boss. Check each of your work is done perfectly as the boss’s request before you submit it. By giving the job before the deadline, the boss can schedule what the boss will do later. Another advantage is that submitting before the deadline will be able to make revisions if the boss wants it.

4. End the job before the boss ends.

This you should do if you are a personal Assistant to the boss. Because of course you will be more needed for everything that is needed by the boss. The boss desperately needs you in everything and the time when you are needed. You should always wait for your boss before the boss ends work at that time and day. That way you can do some help tidying up your boss’s workplace before ending it. So doing this makes your boss happy. And your work career will get better.

5. Come before the boss comes.

Come to your place of work early before your boss comes. Don’t let the boss look for you while you haven’t arrived this will be your failure if something happens. With you already in place, the boss will be more ready to need you at any time. Then your boss will be smoother and not constrained to do everything because your boss is ready on the spot.

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Those are some of the things you do to make your boss happy. Good job and success always.

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