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What is a Meeting?, and the type of meeting.

Meeting is a work meeting attended by more than two or more people to discuss to find solutions and ideas or ideas to complete a project with a goal. decision.

By holding meetings, you will get lots of ideas and solutions to find ways to resolve obstacles so that the continuation of the company’s project will run smoothly. It went smoothly because there were many strategies, ideas, ideas for making decisions and planning that had been conveyed by several meeting participants.

Type and type of meeting.

There are several types and types of meetings. The usability and function of this meeting differ from one another. So that the direction and objectives of the meeting become clear. The following types and types of meetings are known:

1. Brainstorm.

Is a meeting conducted by each division per division to get answers and strategies to complete in accordance with the expected goals.

This can be done by meeting participants to convey their ideas and ideas. Each participant is free to convey their own ideas and ideas without interruptions and criticism that makes them uncomfortable.

The purpose of this meeting is to find creative ideas and ideas for the purpose of applying marketing strategies or marketing campaigns.

2. Update meetings.

Is a meeting that is held regularly and on a specific schedule. In terms of meeting participants already know and their respective tasks to complete a project. Meeting participants are limited by their respective duties and roles.

The purpose of this meeting is to find out the expatation and achievement of each work progress. As well as knowing and running project constraints to be completed together.

3. Information meetings.

Is a meeting that discusses important information about things that exist in the company. This is important related to company policies, new clients, new products or other matters related to the welfare of its employees in the company.

4. Team meetings.

Is a meeting to build a solid work team. In this meeting, games are usually played to build a solid collaborative team character. As well as in these meetings there is usually an appreciation or award for outstanding employees.

5. Training Meetings.

Is a meeting that is used for training and increasing skills for employees. So that skills and knowledge increase to support increased work productivity. This meeting is usually also attended by new employees to introduce work methods and so on.

6. Introductory Meetings.

Is a meeting that is used to introduce new functions and positions, and or meetings to introduce new employees. So that this makes it easier for coordination and delegation to complete their respective tasks.

So that it will be easier for each of them to complete their respective jobs to ask for help regarding their assignments.
Those are several types of meetings and their meaning to discuss and complete the work properly so that the goals are achieved.

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