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Work by grace.

Work by grace.

People who have received God’s grace will work harder to their optimal capacity. This shows that God’s grace will enable us to work according to our capacity.

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Many people have the wrong opinion about this truth. There are even some teachings that state that grace makes us unnecessary because God has already done everything for us. Make no mistake, God has given us grace. We cannot do anything to get grace, grace is only God gives it, but to get financial happiness in grace we need to do our part according to grace. It’s not that only God does the part.

God gave us the ability to work according to capacity. We must work according to the grace that God has given us.

Don’t let us try to work as little as possible to get the results we want, however, we try harder and be responsible because the grace enables us to get the results we want in grace.

Therefore whatever we do is best done for God so that we will work with the capacity and responsibly according to God’s grace given so that we will get results that make us happy in God. Amen.

Written by Benny Santosa S.T., M. Com