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3 Ways to Avoid Compromise.

3 Ways to Avoid Compromise.

When we do not have strong principles and do not live in the values ​​of life that are strong and characterized in us. So it will be difficult to say “no” when faced with certain situations and circumstances for which we will make compromises. We will find a safe way for ourselves so that we avoid things that are painful and not troublesome for ourselves. Finally, tolerance, will be a compromise due to avoid the situation.

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In order for us to walk the path of tolerance and not fall into compromise, we must take the following 3 Ways to Avoid Compromise::

1. Have a vision.

We must have a vision for this life. Vision is the goal in life for the better. That for a better life we ​​have to do and determine the direction, so that we will make choices about what to do and what not to do.
By always focusing on the vision, we will avoid and do not compromise. With Vision we will always be able to walk straight and will be motivated to continue to do so.

2. Having and holding the values ​​of life.

Having and holding strong life values ​​will influence daily attitudes and actions which will become the harminization of a better life. When we always hold on to the values ​​of life by having principles in doing so, we will act correctly in every decision. When we believe in the principles for wrong values ​​in life we ​​will act in the wrong thing. That is why we must hold the values ​​of life with the right standards.

3. Firm and consistent in every decision.

Firm and consistent in every decision, we must be able to do it so that we will be able to make the ability to make every decision to make. Say yes to something better by sticking to the correct values ​​and principles. And say no to something that is not true and not in accordance with the principles of life values. Do not hesitate to be guided by the principles and values ​​of life even though we are alone. We also have to be consistent because with good habits we have to be continuously trained. When we get used to discipline, then we will become a habit and not feel like an obligation, so we don’t realize that we have done it.

Those are the 3 main things we should know, so that we can do it very well with full awareness of the principles and values ​​of life properly. So that we are not easily trapped in adverse compromises in every decision we make.

Article source: Bahana Magazine, Jakub Ezra, MBA, CBA – Specialist character.
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