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Children’s Reading Interest Must Increase.

Children’s reading interest must increase, therefore we must practice it because reading is a source of knowledge and a way to live a better life. This reading interest must start early, which must start from pre-school. Pre-school age is from 2 years to 3 years, learning must be started by reading, starting with introducing letters and basic words that form sentences.

Start by making interesting letters by distinguishing them in color, and making syllable groups in color as well. Give bright and bright colors and cheerful as a characteristic of a child’s cheer. By providing color to letters and syllables, children like them more and will easily recognize and memorize them.

After that start with learning and start pronouncing each letter that is colored. Likewise, pronouncing each syllable has also been given a color, after the child starts memorizing and understanding it, start combining each letter and syllable that has been given that color. After the child begins to memorize and recognize each syllable, then we start by combining it to form a sentence. So thus the child has started reading, and it remains only to increase interest in reading.

So here’s how to increase reading interest in children:

1. Whiteboard.

Provide a blackboard at home, install it in the children’s playroom or children’s study room. Once again, give the room a cheerful color with an attractive chalkboard. With the blackboard children will easily see it. Write something on the board so the child will see and read it by pointing it out. That way children will always see and read it.

2. Involve Brother or Brother.

It is a very good way to involve a younger sibling or brother. By involving your brother or sister as a playmate. So that by involving brother or sister reading it will be more fun to feel like playing together to increase children’s reading interest. Learning together in this way will not be boring because it feels like playing together.

3. All must read.

Involve all must read, by involving all members reading it will become a habit in all family members. For example, as a father, providing an example of reading a newspaper, by inviting children to read together. Take the time and arrange the time to do this, which is reading together in a fun atmosphere. By reading together in the family to increase reading interest in children.

4. Choose open reading.

Choosing the right openings for reading, that is, choosing open readings for children that are colored and illustrated, because it will be more fun for children. In addition to reading with picture books and in color, also choose to open with a theme and title that the child likes. For example, you can choose books that are about general ethical values ​​and children’s morals. Many shops sell books on this subject, for example how to brush your teeth, how to eat properly and properly or those related to child development in aesthetics, morals in everyday life. Be careful when giving comic books to children, because sometimes in comic books there are words written that are not good for children.

That is how to increase reading interest in children, however, don’t forget this is the main thing. Primarily this is about imparting knowledge about faith by knowing the truth with the fear of God so that one can love and love one another.
Hopefully useful and prosperous always.

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Written: Goodjob, inspiration: Bahana magazine.
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