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Tolerance or Compromise in work.

Rules are made to create order and harmony. So that everyone must carry out for against these rules, and act correctly against the rules that are made. We must not be rigid or too premise but still pay attention to it as harmony. But also have to be firm and be able to distinguish between having to tolerate or compromise in these regulations. We have to be objective in applying a rule because we have to adapt the rules to the existing situation and conditions.

So in this case we must know how to tolerate or compromise so that we can do it in harmony in all things for a better purpose in life and work. The following is an explanation of tolerance or compromise:

Tolerance is always necessary because it is beneficial.

Tolerance is necessary and useful if you have the following conditions, for example in the world of work. A leader (A) assigns tasks to a subordinate (B) in carrying out work tasks. Meanwhile, the leader (A) knows that his subordinate (B) has no experience with the job to do.
And the leader (A) still asks his subordinates to do the job (B), because the leader (A) feels that his subordinates (B) can do it. In the course of his time under him (B) cannot perform and finish well. So in this case, a tolerance is needed between fellow colleagues to support and provide support and assistance to be able to complete the work. So that for the next time his subordinate (B) can complete the job properly.

Compromise is not always necessary because it is useless.

Compromise always has the characteristic of always being detrimental and unbeneficial, so in this case we must always pay attention so that we can do and say no to compromise. For example in the world of work we can say no to compromise if we experience the following circumstances:
If there is an employee or worker in an enterprise to make a budget, the employee or worker must pay close attention to making a budget for the types of goods that must be spent or do not need to be spent at the same time. So we must be very careful not to spend the budget on types of goods that are not needed so that there is an increase in spending that is too high and this will cause losses so that it is completely useless. So in this case do not compromise.

After we know these differences, then we must have principles and rules with strong character values ​​of life, so that we can choose what is good and right for harmony in life and work. In this way we will also be able to differentiate and be able to know so that we can walk with tolerance but will not be trapped into compromises.

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Article source: Bahana Magazine, Jakub Ezra, MBA, CBA – Specialist character.
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