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Vincent Jackson’s way of career advancement.

Vincent Jackson’s way of career advancement

Vincent Jacksaon is an American professional football player, who was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on January 14, 1983 and died on February 15, 2021 in Brandon Florida. He did formal high school education in Widefield, Colorado Spring and up to College in Northern Colorado.

After completing his formal education then started a career as a professional American football player, even though while in college he was already a player on the Northern Colorado Bears team. Apart from having expertise in football, Vincent Jackson also played basketball in Northern Colorado. The award has been earned, namely the All-American award as a punt returner, scoring the first goal he touched the ball on a counter-kick against Adams State College. After that Vincent Jackson started joining several professional football player organizations, he joined the San Diego Chargers in 2005-2011, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012-2016.

Judging from the above, Vincent Jackson is a professional American football player, which we can use as lessons and knowledge as a football player for your career development. So how do you do it for your career development so that the game of football becomes a source of inspiration for the lessons and knowledge we get. Then the following are sources of inspiration for the game of football that can inspire you for your work and career:

1. Work hard.

America’s professional football game is very inspiring from his fighting power to create his goals. Inspiration of hardiness for every job you do. You must have high hardiness and not easily give up on creating goals or targets that will be done. Every time you fall from any impact that is a problem and obstacle in your work, then you have to get up again. Likewise, you have to face the obstacles that prevent you and solve it in a strategic way to get through it well.

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2. Work in teams and together.

The football game is done as a team to achieve the goals we want, with very good cooperation, namely throwing the ball at fellow players in the team to enter the opponent’s area and finally score a goal. Likewise in your work, you do it in the way of a team of our fellow colleagues, to require cooperation in completing certain tasks. Your career will not develop without the support of your colleagues. Therefore cooperation in a team of fellow colleagues is needed.

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3. Set a strategy.

Strategizing in the game of American professional football is very necessary to create desired goals. Set this strategy for how to attack, defend and ultimately be able to score goals in the game. Likewise, in your work you have to set a strategy and a more in-depth analysis of how to do it. How to do it how will bring profit and convenience in your work. How to make an analysis so that you can do it and can avoid mistakes so that you can achieve the desired target goals.

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4. Make goals and targets.

In a football game we have to make goals and targets to win a match before the game ends on time. Likewise in you working for a job you have to create and set goals and targets. Goals and targets are always related to time, so we have to do it before the time is over. Set targets by timing so that we can finish and make goals on time.

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So about the football game from a Vincent Jackson who inspired a professional football game for how we complete each job so that we can create the goals and targets we want.

Happy work and always success.

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